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announcing: meat on the side cookbook!

I am beyond excited to announce that my first cookbook just hit the shelves! For almost two years now, I have been cooking up a storm testing and retesting (and retesting again) recipes for this book. I have been creating meals that are simple, healthy, come out perfect every time, and are just plain yummy!

The book contains over 100 Meat On The Side meals, which means that these recipes will not have more than 4oz of meat and the vegetable will always be the star of the plate. Meat On The Side is all about vegetable-focused dishes that bend and twist veggies in unique ways to create meals that will make even the pickiest of eaters love their veggies.

Ellen, Bette and Roscoe hard at work styling a Red Cabbage + Rasperry Grilled Cheese

Meat On The Side is published through the amazing people at St. Martins Press and is photographed by the simply incredible Ellen Silverman with Bette Blau (prop stylist) and Roscoe Betsill (food stylist).

There are tons of tips, easy substitutions, ways to speed up a recipe, tricks for getting your kids to enjoy their veggies, and suggestions for how to make the same dish vegetarian and meaty so that everyone is happy. There is also meals that I call 10-in-20’s, 10 ingredients in 20 minutes, and lots of meals under 500 calories.

This book is, to date, my biggest accomplishment. I am so proud of it; it truly has been a labor of love.

Meat On The Side is stuffed with stories about my life in NYC, what it was like growing up a Dinki, along with incredible photos of me and my family. It's truly a representation of my life and my food, and I can’t wait to share it with you!