Meet Nikki

I am a chef, TV host, cookbook author, blogger, radio host, professional voice over artist and terrace gardener. I cook mostly "Meat on the Side" which makes veggies the star of the plate. 

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    Spaghetti Squash Crust Pizza



    Cauliflower is definitely having its moment in the sun.






    One of the reasons it’s so popular is that everyone is churning out cauliflower crust pizzas--and loving how tasty an all-veggie crust can be!



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    Beet Pasta with Brown Butter Arugula Pesto



    I’ve been lucky enough to have spent 11 Valentine's Days with my husband.





    Sometimes the older you get--or the longer you've been with someone--you start to think things like Valentine’s Day are silly.



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    Brussels Sprout Poppers



    Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner and this means you're about to be eating all the Super Bowl snacks your little heart could desire.






    It's a day to sit around, watch TV, crack open a beer, and forget about those New Year's resolutions--while enjoying all the cheesy, fried, Buffalo-flavored things you can imagine.



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    Ramen with Pork, Eggs + Snow Peas



    As a kid there was not much I loved more than a bowl of ramen noodle soup.





    And to my absolute delight Ramen places are popping up all over New York City like beacons of hope in the cold and snowy streets.



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    Announcing: Junk Food Flip Season 2

    Photo Credit: Ze Jucutan






    I’m so excited to announce that Season Two of Junk Food Flip premieres January 19th at 9 p.m. EST on Cooking Channel! As in Season One, we find restaurants with indulgent signature dishes and re-make them to cut the calories by at least half. Then, through a showdown, we use a group of blind taste testers to hopefully prove that our version is not just healthier, but actually tastes better than the original!





    This season we took the truck to the West Coast and found the most outrageous and delicious dishes--including one that weighed in at over 2,300 calories! Check out my scrapbook from the shoot below and be sure to tune in!!


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    Caramel Apple Tarte Tatin



    I’m a big fan of desserts with apples--if I’m at a restaurant and it has some sort of apple-licious dessert on the menu, you can put good money on the fact that it will soon be in my belly.






    With winter in full swing, there have been a plethora of apple pie-inspired desserts at all my local spots and that means I have definitely been having my doctor-recommended apple-a-day.



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    How to Prep + Cook Spaghetti Squash



    Spaghetti squash is definitely in my top five of favorite vegetables (please don’t tell the others, they get crazy jealous!).


    But breaking into this hard gourd can be intimidating.






    The key is to cut off the top (and bottom if it’s not flat) of the squash and cut straight through with a serrated knife.


    Scoop out the insides and you are ready to bake.



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    Deviled Eggs with Coconut Bacon



    Why do they call deviled egg, DEVILED eggs? 





    Are they devilishly delicious? Yes!


    But still, the name sounds a little evil. 



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    BBQ Chicken Pizza



    My husband used to be obsessed with the BBQ chicken pizza from California Pizza Kitchen. 





    That is, until he had my version.



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    Ramen Tacos


    At 10 years old my mom had had enough of my shenanigans.


    I was the pickiest of picky eaters and this picky eater never went down without a fight.





    So she gave up, and I was allowed to make my own dinners, whatever my little heart desired.


    Well, both my heart and stomach were ramen noodle addicts.


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