Announcing: Junk Food Flip Season 2

Photo Credit: Ze Jucutan


I’m so excited to announce that Season Two of Junk Food Flip premieres January 19th at 9 pm EST on Cooking Channel! As in Season One, we find restaurants with indulgent signature dishes and re-make them to cut the calories by at least half. Then, through a showdown, we use a group of blind taste testers to hopefully prove that our version is not just healthier, but actually tastes better than the original!

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This season we took the truck to the West Coast and found the most outrageous and delicious dishes--including one that weighed in at over 2,300 calories! Check out my scrapbook from the shoot below and be sure to tune in!!

  The truck was even bigger this year, but the good news is that the seat was adjustable so I was actually able to reach the peddles--unlike last year when my big toe pretty much did all the driving. But don’t give me all the credit--that handsome man cleaning the window of the truck was in charge of maneuvering the behemoth into tiny parking lots and through tight turns.

  I may not look too pregnant on the show but I promise you there was a bump brewing under that chef’s jacket. As you can see, Bobby was excited about that baby too. At least, I think that’s his excited face. :/

Photo Credit: Ze Jucutan

The weather was better this season than last and shooting on the beach is never a bad way to spend your day.

The best thing about being part of the Junk Food Flip production team is that you are well fed. Bruxie made sure that everyone got to try all their amazing food.

Photo Credit: Ze Jucutan

We were gone for about a month shooting. This day my husband came to visit and watched as Bobby and I dug into the Crodo Burger from the Fry Fry Truck. Just imagine a croissant doughnut, dipped in a pancake batter, deep-fried and used as a bun on a burger that was 27% fat.

Season One I mistakenly took home the $1,000 that is part of our bet on the show It was in my back pocket and I totally forgot! Luckily it didn’t fall out and after the production went crazy trying to find it, I realized my mistake and sent this pic (left). Season Two a very similar thing happend--like the exact same thing (right). 

Photo Credit: Ze Jucutan

Nothing like a good visual to drive the message home. You can either have the tiny slider on the left or the meal on the right--same calories. And personally, I like to eat.

Photo Credit: Ze Jucutan

There are always cameras somewhere!

Phoebe made me look my best this season, and if I was missing (like in the bathroom for the millionth time #pregnancyproblems) she was the perfect stand-in.

The man in the green is Dennis Rodman! Check out the episode with the restaurant Bruxie to see his cameo as our official counter.

Photo Credit: Ze Jucutan

For more exciting details of our delicious adventure, be sure to tune in to the premiere of Junk Food Flip Season Two on January 19th at 9 p.m. EST on Cooking Channel!!

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