Oreo Brownies

Since I am not a very technical type of baker, I have found an easy forumula to develop new dessert recipes and create things that are highly addictive and just plain DELICIOUS.

Here is the formula: Take two things you love AND SMASH THEM TOGETHER!!

Sounds simple enough, right?! It’s a marriage of two already delicious things coming together to create a new and possibly even more delicious creation.

So Oreos?...check...Brownies?...check...Oreo Brownies?? Ah ha! Why the hell not!!!


1 package Brownie Mix

1 sleeve Oreo Cookies

     Prepare your favorite brownie mix to the packaged instructions. Put in the pan you wish to bake them in (i.e. 13by9, muffin tin) split oreo’s in halves and thirds and push down into batter. Bake immediately until brownies are cooked through and ENJOY!!


  • Bake brownies immediately after adding the oreos, if the batter sits too long with the oreos in it the cookies will start to disintegrate and will create a brownie mess when you bake it. Believe me, I know :/
  • I like slightly bigger chunks of oreo so you really bite into an oreo. 


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Desserts to me should always be whimsical and please that hungry inner child in all of us.

My hungry inner child is often found staring at me with a glint in her eye daring me to come up with some sinfully delicious and completely outrageous new dessert. 

And when she has that look in her eye I have no choice but to simply concede and let my stomach do all the thinking…





Lately she has been on a real oreo kick.


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