The BRAND NEW is officially LIVE! In addition to a beautiful, user-friendly new look, I've added some amazing features to make your experience that much better.

One of these new features is the recipe card, pictured above. You'll now find cards like this on all of my recipe blog posts.

The cards allow you to easily follow the recipes if you are looking at your computer screen, or to seamlessly print a hard copy if that's what you prefer--the printed version is clear and includes a photograph of the final dish.

Another new feature is the ability to rate recipes and leave comments that I can actually respond to (if you were wondering why you never heard from me before, it was because I couldn't respond to your comments!).

I also love the new search function, which makes it incredibly easy to find what you're looking for. Pictures of the recipes appear with every search result, so you can immediately spot the recipe you're trying to locate!

New Site 5 - border.gif

And if you’re visiting the Recipes page you’ll find useful categories like Appetizers and Vegetarian--each with pictures of every recipe in that category. I believe that food is best experienced in pictures, so I'm giving you tons of them!

And don’t forget to check out all of my cooking Videos, including my super convenient one-minute videos.

While you're looking around, be sure to visit my Press page, which features all of my appearances.

And the About and Cookbook pages allow you to learn about me and my cookbook Meat On The Side.

Happy surfing! I can’t wait to hear about your fabulous experiences checking out the new!


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