Zucchini + Tomato Pasta

I was reminiscing yesterday, remembering that very first cooking video I shot in my kitchen. The lighting wasn't great, the sound was a little off, and as I felt the need to explain everything in utmost detail, it was entirely too long.

But people started watching. And since I was featuring “Zucchini Noodles” a fairly new and exciting concept no one seemed to mind the low budget quality or rambling host.

That first video is what started everything...

For better or worse (mostly better) my path changed and food become the delicious focus of my day. Not that it already wasn’t on my mind morning noon and night! It was just that now other people actually wanted to hear the discussion going on in my head.

Now don't get me wrong, it was a sloooow process. 

I learned to feign confidence when talking about my food endeavors....”yes I have an online cooking show” (though it's just a youtube channel with all of 50 subscribers) and when that turned into my food blog I was able to say....”Oh yeah, I'm a blogger” (though maybe 20 people a day were actually reading what I wrote and lets be honest, most of them were my family.)

And somehow during that time I was able to convince a producer to put my voice on the radio, and not just my voice but my thoughts too...she must be nuts ;)

But there is a funny thing that happens when you put yourself out there and just do something... when you pretend that your career is bigger than it actually is, people believe you and before you know it-you believe it, and then...it's actually true.

And so all this reminiscing got me stuck on zucchini. And as I was looking for something easy to make that night, I whipped up this pasta. Flavorful, nutritious, and easy. And best of all IT'S PASTA! And pasta makes me happy :)

Till next time zucchini... you will always have a special place in my heart.  


4Tbs Olive Oil

6 Garlic Cloves, sliced

2 Large/X-Large Zucchini, medium chunks

1 Pint Grape Tomatoes, halved

1tsp Kosher Salt

1.5Tbs Mint, chopped

2Tbs Basil, chopped

2-4Tbs Pasta Water

6oz Goat Cheese

1Lbs Pasta

Sauté garlic in the olive oil on medium low heat, until fragrant and very slightly golden brown, 3-5minutes. Increase the flame to medium and add zucchini, cook until zucchini are semi soft, approx. 5minutes. And tomatoes and cook until tomatoes soften slightly, 3-5minutes. Add salt and herbs and cook for 2minutes more. Add pasta water until you have a slightly saucy mixture, toss sauce with pasta and add more pasta water if necessary.  Plate pasta and top with goat cheese. Enjoy!!

Serves 4


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