Zucchini Chicken Wraps with Balsamic Vinaigrette + Provolone



When I was younger I used to go out of my way to eat at a place called Mighty Taco, famous in the Buffalo area.





At that point I didn’t eat meat or beans, so I thought of myself as innovative for putting iceberg lettuce in my taco.


I ended up with a taco containing lettuce and cheese--and only lettuce and cheese.



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Chicken Caesar Wrap



I love a good salad, the crunch from the lettuce, the tang from the dressing, and the hidden surprises of things like chewy cranberries and juicy oranges.





The only real problem that I have with salads is that they don't contain carbs.


I know, you're asking yourself why that is so important... Well, guys...


I'm a carboholic...



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