Lobster Salad



I just CAN'T do it


I know, I know


I’ve convinced you I am proficient in the kitchen and yet...I CANT DO IT!


I know how to do it...


I’ve seen it done...


And I just can’t do it





But then I found this spectacular spot. A place where lobsters are cooked fresh multiple times a day, sold to me cooked, cracked and accompanied by butter and lemon if my little heart so desires it.


And suddenly me and my now pre-cooked lobster are getting along just fine.


And if I have a moment of guilt I can take some comfort in the fact that I had nothing to do with the whole cooking thing, I am simply going to make this lobster the best it can be!


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Buttery Biscoff Bites


Scene opens

MY SISTER:  “There’re made with Biscoff spread, you know from Biscoff cookies”

ME:  “You mean Bisotti cookies”

MY SISTER:  “No, I mean Biscoff cookies”

ME:  “Your saying Bis…cot…ti, right”






ME:  “Oh...OK!…Now, what the hell is BISCOFF?”

Fade to Black 

ANSWER: They are a seriously delicious cookie with a cinnamon undertone and crisp texture…and some mad food scientist decided to take those cookies, puree them up with some oil, flour and more sugar and create a peanut butter like spread that should be highly illegal in at least 20 states…



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