Biscoff Fudge



Desserts don’t have to be complicated...Desserts just have to be delicious!





I'm well aware that there is a proper way to make fudge. You bring the sugar to a very specific temperature and if you’re lucky you create this amazing silky, creamy, fudgy texture.





The problem? I’m so glad you asked! You see, I'm not always so lucky...

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Biscoff Blondies



There has been a battle brewing for centuries...


!!!!!!!!!!!! Brownies vs. Blondies !!!!!!!!!!!!!





Chocolate lovers everywhere have never truly accepted the Blondie. They look at this non-chocolate cousin of the brownie as the ugly step child of the dessert family.

How dare it walk around with not an ounce of chocolate to its name and think it can be called a real dessert.






Here though, is where I confess my dirty little secret...


I prefer Blondies over Brownies....


(((((((((((((( Audible GASP from the crowd )))))))))))





I'm sorry, so sorry to do this to you, and if you are a chocoholic and feel the need to stop reading this blog, un-subscribe to my youtube channel, un-like me on facebook and stop following my witty 140 character tweets than I understand.  I only hope that one day we can be friends again.


Oh and you better stop following me on Instagram and Pinterest too (#I'mSocialMediaAddicted)


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Buttery Biscoff Bites


Scene opens

MY SISTER:  “There’re made with Biscoff spread, you know from Biscoff cookies”

ME:  “You mean Bisotti cookies”

MY SISTER:  “No, I mean Biscoff cookies”

ME:  “Your saying Bis…cot…ti, right”






ME:  “Oh...OK!…Now, what the hell is BISCOFF?”

Fade to Black 

ANSWER: They are a seriously delicious cookie with a cinnamon undertone and crisp texture…and some mad food scientist decided to take those cookies, puree them up with some oil, flour and more sugar and create a peanut butter like spread that should be highly illegal in at least 20 states…



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