Pie Dough

People tell you all the time that things are easy.

I usually don't believe these people.

It's like when someone tells you to take a class at the gym and they reassure you that it's easy...

But when you can't walk like a normal human being for a week and sitting down makes you grunt a little, you learn to be skeptical.

So when I tell you that making your own pie dough is easy, I understand the furrowed eyebrows and pursed lips. I'm probably lying to you- but the thing is...I'M NOT!!

Making your own pie dough is EXTREMELY easy, it requires like 3 ingredients and takes about 3 minutes...

Now I understand you’re skeptical, and you’re probably having a mental image right now of flour exploding all over your kitchen like an episode of I Love Lucy.

But I promise you, it will not go that way, it will be easy, it will be simple, and the best part is that people will be so impressed with your “homemade” pie crust!

And don’t worry, only you and me will know just how EASY it was!


1 1/2 sticks cold butter

1 cup All Purpose flour

Pinch kosher salt

3 to 4 tablespoons ice water 

Cut butter into half inch squares and put in the freezer while you prepare the other ingredients. In your food processor combine flour, salt and cold butter. Pulse until the mixture looks like finely grated cheese. Add a couple tablespoons of the ice water and pulse again. The mixture should start to come together to form a rough ball, keep adding water until a rough ball is formed and you can shape the dough easily. Form mixture into a disk and wrap in Saran Wrap, refrigerate for 30 minutes or up to 2 days.


  • If you have had your dough in the fridge for more than an hour let it sit at room temp for 15-20 minutes before working with it.
  • You can work with the dough immediately but you'll want to work fast, the point is to not let the butter in the dough melt, instead you want there to be little pieces of butter. To ensure that, most people refrigerate the dough before working with it.
  • This is a very buttery dough, use less butter for a stiffer crust.


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