Pie Dough



People tell you all the time that things are easy.


I usually don't believe these people.





It's like when someone tells you to take a class at the gym and they reassure you that it's easy...


But when you can't walk like a normal human being for a week and sitting down makes you grunt a little, you learn to be skeptical.




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Apple Pies in Apples




Today we are going to talk about cute things. Silly cute things. And no, I'm not referring to another YouTube video of a wet cat or a laughing baby...






And no, it's not a picture of two animals that don’t belong together and yet are best friends.


Oh! Like the one where the baby monkey is sleeping with the doggy and he's got his arm around him and you just know they will be BFF's till the end of time!







I’m talking about something cute…silly cute…that you can eat!


Something that says “hey, look at me” and when you do you think, “well hello, aren’t you beautiful, and precious, and...and...I MUST EAT YOU!!”





I'm talking about the crazy delicious idea of making an apple pie...


wait for it...


keep waiting...







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Grandma Bea’s Peanut Butter Pie


1 GrahamCracker Crust

½ cup Peanut Butter

4oz Cream Cheese

1 Cup Powdered Sugar

1 8oz container Whip Topping

Combine peanut butter, cream cheese and sugar together with a mixer or food processor.  Gentle fold this mixture into the whip topping until smooth and completely combined.  Put in pie crust, level filling with a spatula and let chill at least 2hrs in the fridge.  The longer the better though!  Serve straight out of the fridge and ENJOY!!


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