Tzatziki Sauce



I like any sauce with a name that I can’t easily pronounce. Because I'm guaranteed that I will eventually say it to someone else and they will have no idea what I'm talking about and suddenly I will look super smart.


And really my goal in life is to pretend to be smart.


Oh, and make delicious food of course!!





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Eggplant Sauce





When your child is young you feed them pureed vegetables. This food is nutritious and easy to eat.


And then, without warning, it goes down!! You start trying to give them whole broccoli instead of the pureed stuff.

This seems logical enough until the tree like foreign object is promptly rejected and dumped on the floor...


And there it sits, under their chair, next to the scary carrot and every horrifying brussel sprout. 






But why give up the simple idea of eating pureed vegetables??

Hate the texture of a vegetable? Puree it!

Think veggies are too bitter or bland?? Add other more tasty pureed stuff to them!


Before you know it you’re eating a whole head of broccoli in a single serving... 



Or maybe a whole eggplant... 




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Tomato Sauce



People change... Times change... Feelings change... And though your Italian grandmother would scold me, I have to confess...My tomato sauce recipe...has changed....





Lucky for me I am still young. (Although the impending “3-0” this month makes me feel like I'm 10 steps away from the nursing home.)


But at 30 I’m pretty sure I am still young enough that I can change my “signature” sauce recipe. And hopefully by the time I'm 70 no one will remember how fickle I used to be with my famous “Sunday gravy."





Tomato sauce was one of the first things I ever made and it was the very first thing my husband and I ever made together.

(The first and the last, there is no room for two cooks in my tiny kitchen ;)


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