Eggplant Sauce

When your child is young you feed them pureed vegetables. This food is nutritious and easy to eat.

And then, without warning, it goes down!! You start trying to give them whole broccoli instead of the pureed stuff.

This seems logical enough until the tree like foreign object is promptly rejected and dumped on the floor...

And there it sits, under their chair, next to the scary carrot and every horrifying brussel sprout. 

But why give up the simple idea of eating pureed vegetables??

Hate the texture of a vegetable? Puree it!

Think veggies are too bitter or bland?? Add other more tasty pureed stuff to them!

Before you know it you’re eating a whole head of broccoli in a single serving... 

Or maybe a whole eggplant... 

You see eggplant has a great velvety texture when pureed and its sweet and meaty flesh adds depth and flavor to sauces. Pair it with super sweet and smokey roasted peppers and you've got this vibrant, rich, delicious sauce! 

Not only is this sauce beyond delicious but it's also made of pureed vegetables. So when you add it to your pasta, chicken or sandwich you’re also adding servings and servings of veggies. 

Seems like the best of both worlds, doesn’t it?!   


2 Eggplants

2 Roasted Red Peppers

1 Roasted Jalepeno

4 Garlic Cloves

2 Scallions

1 Tbs Red Wine Vinegar

1 Tbs Fresh Thyme

8oz Tomato Sauce

1 Lemon, juice

2 links hot or mild Sausage (optional)

Halve eggplant length wise and drizzle cut side with olive oil. Put eggplant cut side up on a pan and bake at 400 degrees for 30-40minutes, until very tender. Let cool and remove insides, discarding skins. Combine eggplant insides and the remaining ingredients except for lemon in a food processor.  Transfer mixture to a pan with a little olive oil and cook puree for 5-10minutes.  Add lemon and serve over pasta. If using sausage add the cooked crumbled sausage into the sauce when adding the lemon. Top with chopped parsley and parmesan. ENJOY!!


  • This sauce is great spooned over chicken or as a spread on sandwiches. You can also use it anywhere you would normally use tomato sauce
  • This sauce is fantastic with or without the sausage. I many times top my husband's plate with some and leave if off of mine for a completely vegetarian meal


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