Brussels Sprout Poppers



Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner and this means you're about to be eating all the Super Bowl snacks your little heart could desire.






It's a day to sit around, watch TV, crack open a beer, and forget about those New Year's resolutions--while enjoying all the cheesy, fried, Buffalo-flavored things you can imagine.



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Cucumber Chips



Currently, I have one measly cucumber in the garden.



Due to some bug problems and a bit of an overcrowding situation in my center planter box, Mr. Cucumber isn't quite thriving.






However, in the past--and definitely at the farmers market--there is usually a cucumber explosion this time of year.




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Mushroom Bread Baskets



In my 29 years on this odd and wonderful planet I have learned a lot of things about myself.

(And believe me, I am aware there is still a lot to learn!)

Lately, certain patterns have emerged and I have found a simple formula that can describe my overall aesthetic…





I like things really big...or really small.

Take flowers for instance, I like large simple flowers like daisies and lilies - or - small, super intricate flowers :)

(To be honest I just buy whatever looks fresh and cheap from the deli guy on the corner and pray that they last for more than a day so my husband doesn’t realize how much money I waste on half dead flowers.)





And when it comes to food I gravitate toward things like massive, foot wide cinnamon rolls or tiny, individual...well...everything. For now, let's focus on the small stuff.

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